August 3rd - Elective Presentations

IMG_7524 Good morning all! Today is the start of Tech Week! The final stretch before we finally reveal all the hard work the campers have poured themselves into. It's a busy day, but yesterday was just as filled! Yesterday held the usual rehearsal schedules, but marked a major milestone in the session. Each elective class met for the last time, to prepare for their presentations in the evening, marking the end of normal camp life and the beginning of tech week.

Dinner was a fantastic lobster bake dinner where campers ate delicious lobster, burgers, corn, veggie dogs and more! Campers were delighted to learn there was no limit on lobster, and some ate 3 or even 4!

After dinner, we met in the large gazebo to see all the hard work of the elective classes come to fruition. Camper written plays were read, songs were sung about the glory of nature, and when we moved to the studios as the sun went down we watched a hilarious mockumentary and some impressive ballet. Finally, the evening came to a close with campers viewing a gallery of art made by their fellow campers.

Campers all got a good nights sleep for the beginning of tech week! More on that tomorrow.

Until next time!