August 5th - Tech Week In Full Swing

IMG_9977 Good morning! Tech week is in full swing and our campers are so excited to show you their hard work in just two days!

Yesterday saw a lot of hard work. In normal tech week fashion, as with the day before, each cast has two blocks of rehearsal, one of which usually containing a run of the play. Some of these runs were open to campers, and in the morning, the cast of MacBeth, who had time off got to see an early performance of Funk It Up About Nothing.

Everyone has been working so hard, including our amazing tech campers who run lights, operate spots, help with changeovers and so much more. Their contributions to our shows are invaluable!

Those who have time off from rehearsal in the evening were offered a few relaxing activities, including a movie, stargazing, and to just relax in their bunks.

Overall it was a very busy Wednesday, and today will be 3 times as busy, all for the shows!

Until next time!