Blog Post: July 26th, 2017

Good Morning!!! It’s only day two and, in the BEST way, it already it feels like we’ve been living here for a week!

Yesterday morning began with a rousing recorder-accompanied flag raising, a hearty breakfast and our first inspection of the session. Word on the hill is that the showers and bathrooms were gleaming! When at warm-ups, the campers got to sample different yoga techniques, voice and body exercises and various high energy theatre games! With ignited energy the campers went to their first Master Class taught by the wonderful senior staff. These master classes explore all different facets of theater and engage the campers in breaking out of the everyday, comfort zones they daily inhabit and encourage them into the heightened world of theater.

After a delicious tummy stuffing lunch the campers enjoyed some downtime activities like drawing, ping pong, and playing cards! Audition Workshops post downtime equipped the campers with tips, tricks, and reinforcements for audition day tomorrow! PACE: P(partner), A(ask questions/adjustments), C(choices), and E(energy/eyes) is one of the memorable acronyms that the campers can keep in their pockets and use when in need of a reminder for things directors look for in an audition. After our eventful workshops we had Pool Time, where everybody passed their swimming test with flying colors, and then we had dinner!!!

For our evening activity the staff performed in a little talent showcase, and quickly the showcase turned into a bizarre and hilarious variety show featuring all kinds of acts from singing to sketches, plate juggling, cat portraying and a lesson on how to ace a bunk inspection provided by our very own Kiersten Noel, Music Director extraordinaire. We ended the evening with a camp wide Marshmallow social and hum circle! It was a glorious star-strewn night and a spectacular and special second day! We cant wait to continue the rest of this session on this high note!!!

All the best,