Blog Post: July 4th, 2017

Yesterday, as the last drops of dew began to dry off the blades of grass upon the great lawn, campers made their way to the flag pole for our morning flag raising. The triumphant cacophony of woodland creatures seemed to sing along with our recorder as notes fluttered with mercurial delight. In the Pav friends munched on breakfast pizza, a hybrid of two of the best things known to humankind...breakfast and pizza. It was a big day, auditions for all the shows were being held all over camp, from the rehearsal studios to the gazebo. The air was electric, crisp with potential and wonderment. And underneath it all, like little church mice, counselors scurried around the grounds preparing a secret birthday bash for the 15th summer of Acting Manitou. All the gifts were hung with care, in hopes that the birthday bunny soon would be there. As the sun began to set in the west the directors communed to discuss the happenings of the day while campers and counselors alike gathered up on the hill.

The events began, testing campers in all realms of specialty skills, from balance to dexterity to wit; each bunk fought valiantly and rose victorious. All the while the birthday bunny spread birthday cheer, leaving birthday hats, mud pies and all the other amenities most necessary for the proper birthday celebration. At last, the game came to an end and it was announced that cast lists had been posted. Campers went to survey them with hearts full of glee. Congratulations were made and hugs were given as everyone prepared for bed, to sleep, perchance to dream with visions of fully choreographed musical numbers dancing in their heads.

Andrew Iannacci, Former Camper ('08), Teaching Artist and Birthday Bunny