Blog: Monday, July 11th 2016

IMG_9572Good morning, Acting Manitou friends and family!  Yesterday was quite an eventful day!  A delicious breakfast and energizing morning warm-ups were followed by our first day of double rehearsals!  Our shows got an extra half hour of rehearsal in the morning, and the directors got to see all of the hard work the campers had put into their characters during memorization time on Sunday! After morning rehearsal the campers got to choose their second round of electives – Song Analysis, Writing from History, Bustin’ Moves, Improv Comedy, Meditation and Mindfulness, or Cooking!  A cozy lunch of grilled cheese and salad was followed by some downtime.  Gotcha is still going strong, and several competitors spent downtime chasing each other with socks!  Afternoon rehearsals were energetic and action-packed, and then campers spent an hour relaxing, enjoying the beautiful, sunny day at the pool.

Dinner was followed by an age-old Acting Manitou evening activity – Murder Mystery Night!   This year the party was at a circus, and each camper was assigned a character who worked at the circus!  They had time to create a costume and get in character (A clown!  An acrobat!  A mime!  A ballerina!  A lion!), and then spent time mingling with each other at the party!  Each camper was also given information about a grudge they had against another character – maybe a character had tampered with their flamethrowers, or maybe a character had forgotten to feed the lion!  After getting to know the other characters, each camper guessed whom they were supposed to eliminate and whispered, “you’re a ghost” in that character’s ear.  Those who were eliminated would head to the afterlife, which was filled with snacks and face painting!  The evening culminated with a cozy fire down in the mini-amp!

-Emma A.