Blog: Monday, July 18th 2016

IMG_5580Hello AM Community! It was a great Manitou Monday here in sunny Maine. It was our last day before tech week, so it was very busy for campers and staff alike. Having wrapped up our elective classes on Sunday, campers spent the morning in rehearsal. Directors encouraged their casts to use this last day before tech to truly dig into their characters and make big choices. Once tech begins, the focus has to shift to all of the technical aspects of the show, as the different pieces—sets, lights, costumes—come together around the actors. This was the last day that the directors could give their full attention to the cast and work solely on acting. It was a wonderful day to watch rehearsals and see the campers making such big, bold choices!

The afternoon was quite routine—lunch, followed by downtime, followed by afternoon rehearsals.   Our meals have started to be populated by show and bunk chants, a tradition here at Acting Manitou. Everyone will be eating their meals when, all of a sudden, an entire cast stands up and chants a line from their play. It’s a fun and zany tradition and ensures that meal times are always exciting!

Dinner brought another AM tradition-- our yearly Lobster Bake!  A staple in Maine cuisine, our dining staff graciously prepared lobsters for the entire camp.  Many kids tried lobster for the first time, while others are seasoned pros.  We had a lot of fun cracking open lobsters and partaking in one of the best meals Maine has to offer!

Generally, the last Monday before tech we do CIT Moments in the evening. This is an activity that lets our CITs flex their leadership skills and create small pieces of theater with their peers. A ‘moment’ is a devised piece of theater that is site-specific and performed somewhere on campus. Each CIT leads a group to create a moment that is then shared with the rest of camp. Unfortunately, our CIT moments had to be postponed last night due to thunderstorms. Instead, campers chilled in their bunks and had a low-key evening before a big week of tech. While we were sad to postpone CIT Moments, a relaxing and restful evening was just what our campers needed.

Thanks for reading!