Blog Post: Friday, July 29th 2016

IMG_9448Hello Acting Manitou Friends and Family, It was an amazingly productive day for all of Acting Manitou yesterday. After a filling breakfast campers went off to their first round of production classes. Here campers have the ability to choose between props, sets, costumes, make up, lighting, and publicity to explore a new side of theater they may not have tried before.

This productive momentum did not stop there.  After lunch, all the campers went enthusiastically to their second rehearsal to continuing blocking huge parts of their shows. If you stopped by the Romeo and Juliet rehearsal, you could see the whole cast collaborating and getting through all of act one.

From production class to product placement, our community ended the day with a new classic Acting Manitou evening activity, Shark Tank. Each cabin was given the task to create a product and successfully advertise it to a panel of judges. The winners would receive a ‘Late Night Pool Party’. There was some stiff competition with products like The ‘Pick-up Line Generator’ or ‘Pinter TV’ but Wasserstein really sold the judges with their product ‘THE SHOW MUST GO ON: A Theater Kid’s Best Friend.’ They really knew their audience.

Until next time,