Blog Post: Friday, July 8th

IMG_8483Hello Acting Manitou families and friends! Today is Saturday which means campers have been here for one whole week and it flew by! Yesterday, Friday the 8th, was the fourth day of rehearsals and the shows are really coming to life. I get a behind the scenes peek at how the shows will look because I work in the camp’s scene shop. Yesterday we spent a good amount of time working on stage décor for The Addams Family with some help from our amazing tech campers. I don’t want to give anything away because I think the aesthetic of a show is always a fun surprise, but things are looking pretty amazing if you ask me! The food yesterday was on point. Lunch was delicious and was just the comfort food we needed on a chilly, overcast day—mac and cheese and chicken nuggets (or veggie nuggets for folks like me). Dinner was manicotti and broccoli and that was super tasty as well. There were chocolate chip cookies for dessert and they were so good that I ate three (shh!).

Last night we held the first dance of the session and it was a huge hit! Earlier in the week, one of the bunks won a contest that allowed them to choose the theme of this dance. This bunk, Wasserstein, chose a “throwback 2000s” theme-- the pavilion was decked out with glow sticks, sequin curtains, and hanging CD’s. There was also a wall of pictures of staff members back in their younger days—particular the awkward phases. Those were a riot to look at! We all danced the night away, jamming out to throwback songs from Avril Lavigne and Bowling For Soup. Everyone was rather exhausted by the end of it all and we soon headed off to bed. It was absolutely a fun filled day and a fantastic way to celebrate the completion of the first week!

I hope all of your weeks have been wonderful as well!