Blog Post: July 10th, 2017

Hello friends and family of Acting Manitou, my name is Sam Wheeler and I am a bunk counselor in Durang this summer, as well as the stage manager for Spring Awakening. Yesterday was one of the more relaxing days here at camp, we had our first Lazy Sunday of the summer! Breakfast started later than normal, and the directors and non-bunk staff cooked made-to-order omelettes, scrambled egg bowls, and toast for all the campers and staff. The morning continued on with some pool time and lawn games until lunch.

After lunch there were workshops led by all of our fantastic counselors, including Musical Theater Pilates, Duct Tape Wallets, How to Be a Wood Nymph, College Auditions, and many more! The first round of workshops brought us to a production call and period of memorization. Those who wanted to help out the production staff could head up to the theater, and the rest were left to their scripts to memorize their lines and work on their music. Many casts held impromptu rehearsals, many friends helped each other run lines, and many campers spent good quality time with their scripts and scores.

After this, we had another round of the same workshops, followed by dinner and then the evening activity, Shark Tank: Set Design Edition, was introduced, and everyone split off into their groups to create miniature models of sets they designed for different plays and musicals. The night concluded with presentations and feedback in the theater. As we enter week 2, rehearsals begin to intensify, and the work our tech campers are doing in the shops begins to ramp up. We are getting very excited to share all our work with you in less than two weeks! See you on show day!

Sam Wheeler

"Hot Wheels"