Blog Post: July 11th, 2017

Good morning everyone! It's a beautiful Manitou Morning, and a vey exciting one too because today we begin our second round of elective classes. Yesterday was also exciting because it was our first double rehearsal day. After a relaxing lazy Sunday off to recharge, we were all ready to get back to the shop or our rehearsals and keep working on shows. After the morning rehearsal period we got to hear about all of the new electives that begin today. The afternoon was dedicated to rehearsal as well, and we are all so excited to share this beautiful theater we're creating with you all soon.

After working from nine to five, we all gathered outside of the Pavilion for trivia night. It was an evening full of theater trivia, Acting Manitou history, and fun facts vaguely relating to Dolly Parton. (Did you know Dolly Parton has a theme park and Jonas Salk was a renowned Virologist? Our campers did!)

We finished off the night with a fire in the small amphitheater where everyone made s'mores, sang songs, and enjoyed a calm night together. Beckett was sung to sleep by Bob Kelly, music director of Spring Awakening, and Chris Murrah read bedtime stories to Durang and Wasserstein. (Other bunks will have some special bedtime surprises in the days to come.)

Today is another day full of classes, rehearsals, and fun as we get ready for trip day tomorrow. We'll tell you all about that soon!

- Aiden McKenna