Blog Post: July 12th, 2017

Happy Trip Day y'all!  Today we will be heading into Brunswick for an adventure, be ready for the awesome pictures tomorrow. Previously on Acting Manitou, the elective classes are in full swing once again, however around this time of the session the focus of the campers is often on practicing their lines.  Everywhere you look scripts are in hand because the rehearsals have started to become off book.

During pool time the inflatable whale, won during the first evening activity, continues to make a splash with the campers.  Albee opted out of this pool time to take advantage of their prize, a fatherly game of catch with our director of Pippin, Tim Matson.

After dinner, the CITs, the oldest campers, were taken on a surprise adventure to an Escape Room.  These rooms are themed and have clues inside on how to get out.  A thrilling activity indeed.  On the other side of things at camp, the rest of the campers split up into groups and created podcasts to perform in front of a fire.  These featured characters such as real camp staff, famous singers, farm animals, a dream psychic, and a sassy babysitter making quesadillas.

Today will be full of exciting adventures!  Tomorrow is my favorite event, the camper talent show.  Stay tooned.

-Jordan Hunter