Blog Post: July 13th, 2017

Hello Acting Manitou Family! It’s Danya here, a former camper and first year counselor in Wasserstein. Yesterday was Trip Day, one of the most highly anticipated days of the session.  We started out with a slightly late breakfast and then a trip next door to Camp Manitou, where we spent the morning down by the waterfront; swimming in the lake, taking out kayaks and paddle boards, and jumping on the water trampoline. We ate a barbeque lunch down by the waterfront before heading to their basketball court for a fun game of knock out.

Then it was time to return to our camp to prepare for the rest of Trip Day. We got on buses and traveled out of our hometown of Oakland to Bailey’s Island, where we took a short walk down to The Giant’s Stairs. The Giant’s Stairs are a naturally occurring staircase that leads down into the beautiful Maine ocean. Campers ate a snack and enjoyed the beautiful view of the water before heading back onto the buses on our way to the lovely town of Brunswick. There campers split up into groups with friends and were given a chance to explore the town. They could have dinner at one of the many restaurants or food trucks, get ice cream and candy, find fun souvenirs, and even attend a free concert in the center of town. After a few hours of enjoying the many things Brunswick had to offer, it was time to head back to camp, excited and exhausted from such a jam-packed day.

Today, refreshed by a good night’s sleep, we return to our usual schedule of morning classes and afternoon rehearsals, and tonight’s evening activity is Enkoodaboo, our talent show, where many of our campers will be singing, acting, and sharing performances with their friends. It should be a wonderful day, and we can’t wait to tell you about it tomorrow.