Blog Post: July 15th, 2017

Yesterday the campers began the day with Memorization Time / Optional Production call. The choice was theirs to rehearse dance numbers in small groups, help production paint sets and platforms, or spend some time memorizing lines, blocking, and lyrics! Each actor and tech camper dedicated time and effort into bettering their plays, and the payoff in rehearsal was amazing! Each show is coming along swimmingly, with almost every show fully blocked before tech week even begin - an unbeatable feat! Before lunch campers engaged in a camp classic, The Counselor Hunt! Counselors were hidden in all of the unusual places they could find: behind buildings, in the tight spaces between garbage's, under staircases, and every other nook and cranny our beautiful campus allows. After finding a staff member campers, grouped by bunk, had to create a bunk cheer to share with the rest of camp just before lunch. It was a wonderful way to celebrate each other and the heart-felt mini-families we've created these past few weeks.

To close out the day campers had an "out night" to the movies!! Each camper chose between Despicable Me 3, Spider Man: Homecoming, and Wonder Woman. Three equally amazing movies, paired perfectly with popcorn and candy.

Campers closed out the second week with a relaxed and exciting evening, rejuvenating them for our final week, just ahead! The energy and excitement flowing throughout camp is contagious, as each show comes together, and we all prepare for show day. Can't wait!