Blog Post: July 17th, 2017

Hey there Acting Manitou Family! It’s Danya here, a first year Wasserstein counselor. Yesterday was a lovely Lazy Sunday, and campers slept in an extra hour before attending a late breakfast of fresh made omelets. Breakfast was followed by inspection and some structured downtime where campers worked on their shows by memorizing lines, practicing songs and choreography with their friends, or attending Production Call, where they helped build the sets and make costumes. This was followed by lunch, downtime, and an afternoon of rehearsals, where shows are really starting to come together. It was a warm and sunny day yesterday, and after rehearsal came Pool Time, with many campers choosing to swim with their friends. After a delicious dinner came a very exciting evening activity: The Pajama Zombie Monster Mash dance! Campers were invited to dress in pajamas, or as zombies, or both. After they had all dressed up they went to a fun-filled dance in the Pavilion, complete with a DJ, mood lighting, and a photo booth where they could pose with friends. Yesterday combined a restful morning with a fun and lively evening, leaving campers rested and excited for the next few days of extra rehearsals as the shows truly start to take shape.