Blog Post: July 19th, 2017

Another morning on the hill, another flag to be raised, and the day began with a bang...quite literally. Mother nature made her presence known the bombastic clashing of thunder, so we huddled warm and cosy with in the pavilion. Songs were sung, pancakes were munched, and even Victoria (a special character akin to Dear Abby) made an appearance to tell us the in’s and outs and the what’s what’s. And mother nature was pleased, as if saying “now doesn't that feel better?” Before we knew it tech was in full swing; lights, camera, action. Like pointillists each director examined and critiqued their casts, focusing the magnifying glass of art so that even the slightest imperfection was plain as day to the naked eye. The students, like growing masters of their crafts, with painstaking accuracy preformed all that was asked of them with grace and professionalism. The inner cogs of the great machine were in perfect tandem, and the glimmering shimmering light of when dedication meets preparation began to burst through the seams of the gloomy cloudy day. And much like they say art reflects life, so did the ecosystem of camp reflect the nature that surrounds it. Beams of warm sunshine washed over the camp, causing hearts to bloom and smiles to rise. And as the sun sank, we ended our day as we began it, in song surrounded by those we love.