Blog Post: July 25th, 2017

Hello Acting Manitou family!   Yesterday marked the arrival of our session two campers, new and old alike!  Our intersession campers and early arrivals spent the day getting camp ready for the friends who would come to join us that evening!  We worked as a community to get our full campus sparkling clean, as well as made new and creative bunk posters to get campers in full swing (Wilder, of course, decided on beloved characters from Dr. Seuss’ classics).

After all campers had settled in pleasantly to their bunks, we all met in the Pavilion for our first of many delicious meals that we’d enjoy together as a camp!  The energy was electrifying as we began to see new friendships and everlasting memories forming right in front of our eyes!  After a dessert full of cookies, brownies, and whoopie pies, we all convened in the theater for our full camp orientation!  The campers got a chance to meet the full staff, experience moments of hilarity as two senior staff members led us through our daily schedule, and learn a little bit more about the amazing shows that they’d be working on- either as acting or tech campers, in their home away from home!

I am so, so excited to see where this amazing three week journey is going to take each and every person here at camp, and for you all watching back at home: I promise that we’ll keep you updated!

Signing off,

Josh (Bunk counselor in Wilder)