Blog Post: July 27th, 2017

Good Morning Everyone! It's a beautiful Manitou morning, and today is our first day of electives and rehearsals. Yesterday was one of my favorite days of camp, audition day! Of course there are some nerves during the process, but it's a celebration of all the campers talent and excitement to jump into the shows and always a thrill to see those few nerves turned into joyful elation. The morning round of auditions included a dance audition, monologues, and some singing that everyone participated in. Following lunch and some down time to recharge, we had callbacks where every camper auditions for each show. Our tech campers were hard at work too of course, with shop orientation and even starting to build some set pieces!

After dinner we had our first big evening activity, *POP*! (The activity formerly known as Surprise-Super-Prize-Surprise.) Campers arrived to the pavilion with their bunks in full costume and competed in various challenges that tested creativity, quick thinking, athleticism, and lip syncing ability (Beckett excelled in all areas of course, although perhaps I'm a little bit biased). A variety of incredible prizes were given out including a golf cart ride to prom, a nighttime lullaby from a senior staff member, and a package of double ply toilet paper! It was truly an exciting and magical night.

Today we hit the ground running. After warm ups, everyone is headed to their master class and electives and this afternoon is everyone's first rehearsal. Can't wait to tell you more about rehearsals soon!

- Aiden McKenna