Blog Post: July 29th, 2017



At the most northern tip of camp the flag was raised in celebration of the campers rise to power...up. A great feast was held within the Pavilion where the victors munched and discussed the topics of the day, Electives, Masterclasses, Rehearsals and more. But something sinister was stirring underneath it all. And yet the fine citizens of Manitou went on with their merriment. Then, without warning, the camp was swarmed by superheroes and villains alike. The fate of the camp was at stake and it was up to the campers to save the day. Over hill, over dale, of the occasional passing snail, campers scampered from place to place gathering prizes needed for the salvation of the staff. And when the night seemed to be at its darkest, the light of friendship and camp comradery rose over the hill side. THE CHILDREN WERE VICTORIOUS! Camp would live to fight another day, but who knows when the next tragedy will strike. But we do know….we’ll be ready.