Blog Post: July 2nd, 2017

Hello and Welcome Home Acting Manitou friends and family!! Yesterday, campers arrived for our first day of Session One 2017!!! Staff spent the morning putting all the finishing touches on our beautiful campus, and eagerly awaited the arrival of our first few campers. As the day rolled on, the cars rolled in and campers reunited with friends known and new.

Before dinner, a rousing game of GaGa Ball could be spotted on The Great Lawn. What a wonderful game for getting the heart racing and making smiles grow. After dinner campers continued to settle in and await the last of our friends on the New York/New Jersey/ Massachusetts bus- and when they arrived we all celebrated with big hugs and cookies in the Pavilion!

Wrapping up the night with a quick introduction into camp life and our first camp-wide Power Down. Power Down is a new concept we are introducing to camp this year as a way to relax and reflect on the amazing day we all just experienced and to prepare us all for a good nights sleep for the day ahead. Power Down can take many forms and last night we began with 3 deep breaths all together, and then reflected on the excitement of arriving to Acting Manitou and the friendships, productions, and theater we will be creating this summer.

What a wonderful way to welcome us all Home, and a perfect start to our 15the summer of making theatre in Maine!

~Katrina Karl, Chekhov bunk counselor