Blog Post: July 30th, 2017

Hey Acting Manitou Friends and Family! It's Danya here, a bunk counselor in Vogel. Our first week finished strong yesterday with a morning of Master Classes, where campers continue to learn theater techniques from each of our talented directors, and Elective Classes filled with opportunities to try new things. After this came lunch, downtime, and an afternoon of rehearsals for our five exciting shows. Campers sang, danced, worked on their lines, and learned from their directors during rehearsal.  As always, we finished the afternoon with Pool Time, with campers gathering to swim, memorize lines, and enjoy some laughs together.

Yesterday we had an early dinner to allow for our exciting evening activity: Bowling Night! All of camp drove to a local bowling alley, where campers bowled in groups with friends and played arcade games such as Air Hockey with each other.  This excursion was followed by a trip to a local ice cream parlor, Giffords, where campers ate any flavor of ice cream they wanted. Finally, we got back on the buses and returned to camp, full of ice cream and memories. We Powered Down by learning a song that we all sang together, and then went back to our bunks for a good night's sleep.

It was a jam packed and exciting day-- with everyone looking forward to our first Lazy Sunday!