Blog Post: July 31st, 2017

Yesterday was Lazy Sunday! Woohoo! After a long an exciting first week of rehearsals, campers had the opportunity to sleep in and catch some extra Z’s. We continued our Lazy Sunday tradition of directors preparing us one of the best breakfast meals: omelettes! We enjoyed our delicious breakfast while listening to some classic jams and Antigone director, Chris, graced all of us with some of his best dance moves. 

After our yummy breakfast, campers had an easy and chill morning off, where they had the opportunity to hang out on the good lawn and play some games, or head over to the pool for some sunny relaxation. Then it was off to lunch, where campers made their own wraps and sandwiches. Counselors Emma and Sam even made some delicious cranberry lemonade punch! 

Then our first round of counselor-led workshops began. This was an opportunity for us counselors to share and teach our special skills and subjects that really excite us. Classes included “Conspiracy Theories,” “College Prep,” and “Create  Your Own Superhero.” 

Counselor Julia and I taught a class called “DIY Theatre Company!” We discussed the main functions of a theatre company and described notable and unique theatre companies around the world. Then our students broke up into groups and collaborated from scratch to make their very own theatre companies. The results were brilliant, and I would not be surprised if these hypothetical companies came to life in the real world! Counselor Tyler lead a class focusing on devised theatre. His students practiced physical and creative storytelling techniques and collaboratively designed silly and complex characters which were then implemented into an entirely new, one of a kind piece of theatre. 

Then we had  line memorization time and a production call, where campers had the opportunity to help costumes, sets, and props design and build for the shows. It was an extremely productive period of time and really showed how all our plays are quickly taking shape and coming to life! Then, before dinner, campers had one more round of counselor workshops. After dinner, (which included a mouth-watering chocolate chip cookie dessert) we had a chill evening activity of movie night. We all gathered together in the studio with sleeping bags and pajamas and enjoyed the Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch. 

After the film, which pulled at all of our heart strings, we returned to our cabins to rest up for another fun and exciting day of camp! 

Signing off,

Kyra :)