Blog Post: July 5th, 2017

Hey everyone! My name is Tyler, I’m a bunk counselor in Beckett this summer and was once a camper (four summers in a row)! Our Independence Day morning started out with our routine flag raising before breakfast. However, some campers opted to get outside early in the breezy Maine air, playing ping pong or socializing before heading up the hill to the flagpole. The morning also brought the start of our first round of elective classes, where campers signed up for a variety of classes. Options for classes vary amongst both theatrical and non-theatrical, allowing a diverse set of opportunities for campers. It really was a “day of firsts” (as I noted during one of our pre-meal reflections) as the afternoon brought around a first rehearsal for each of our casts. Each cast became more familiar with their show, and each camper is now digging into the work involved with performing or helping to produce our festival.

After dinner, campers were split into groups and had to devise a trailer for a fictional Netflix TV show. Ranging from singing 80s teens in love to middle school ghost vampires, the activity culminated in each group sharing their wacky performance with each other. We then gathered outside the theatre and viewed fireworks over East Pond! Before heading to bed, campers had a quiet moment reflection led by Chris Murrah under the moon and stars.

The energy around camp is positive and exciting as we enter the rehearsal process. It’s going to be a great session!

All the best,

Tyler, Former Camper and Bunk Counselor in Beckett