Blog Post: July 6th, 2017

Hey everyone! My name is Emma C., I’m a bunk counselor in Chekhov this summer and was once a camper. The Fifth of July (Lanford Wilson, anybody?) morning started like every other morning with flag raising in front of the pavilion. After breakfast the campers had inspection and headed out for their days. We had our second round of electives that the campers enjoyed greatly. Our electives this year include Activism and Art, Playwriting, Dance Audition Workshop, Comedy and Combat, Songwriting and Vocal Technique.

We also had our first round of production classes. These consisted of scene painting, sewing, costume design, sets, lights. The campers were able to help make set pieces, learn painting techniques on wood, make stuffed creatures in sewing, learn lighting techniques, and learn about different costume designs.

After lunch, the campers had their second round of rehearsals for the four wonderful shows. From what I heard from the campers, their rehearsals went smoothly and were very productive. After a sunny and very active pool time ended the campers had a delicious dinner.

Last night's evening activity consisted of several stations that related to camp and acting. They included, a game called “whats in the box” where the campers were blindfolded and had to identify things in a box. Another one was spoons, a traditional cabin card game, as well as fortune telling, Twister, and a fun game of Uno. The campers also got to create name tags for their bunk beds. Other stations included group monologues and Harry Potter trivia. I would have to say that this evening activity was eventful and incredibly fun for the campers.

The energy around camp is positive and exciting as we get closer to show day. It has been a great session so far, and I can’t wait to see whats to come!

All my joy,

Emma C., Former Camper and Bunk Counselor in Chekhov