Blog Post: July 8th, 2017

Hello Acting Manitou Friends and Family, It's Madison here, a veteran camper and a second year bunk counselor in Wasserstein this summer.

We started the day as usual with Flag Raising and Breakfast which was followed by some nice Morning Warm Ups. After that campers went off to finish off their production classes. A normal morning right?

Well after the usual, and always exciting, afternoon rehearsals and waterfront each and every cabin had found an invitation at the door inviting them to a banquet and ball hosted by the esteemed Lord and Lady Dervishplow. Very exciting! All the campers went off to prepare for the banquet in some of their best and favorite attire.

But upon entering the pavilion things started to get suspicious, because in the midst of dinner Mr. Archibald Scallion was murdered and campers old and new were officially welcomed to our annual murder mystery night.

Our young inspectors worked tirelessly to right this horrible wrong with a series of interrogations and challenging in determined to gather as many clues as possible. In the end the villainous Reginald Huxley was taken into custody and our heroic group of campers were rewarded with a wonderful ball.

Madison R. Cannella, Wasserstein Bunk Counselor