Blog Post: July 9th, 2017

Hey Acting Manitou family! Albee bunk counselor Kyra here reporting for blog duty. Yesterday we enjoyed yet another wonderful and fun day here at camp. After enjoying another round of Theatre Games, Yoga, and Voice & Body morning warm ups, campers headed to their last round of their elective classes and prepared for elective presentation in the evening. The songwriting class each performed a plethora of songs for one another, written by the campers themselves or songwriters they admired, and chose which songs they’d perform for the camp at the evening's Elective Presentations. Choreographer Adam’s dance class, “God I Hope I Get It” rehearsed 4 intricate and exciting dance numbers they would later dazzle us with. Anna's Activist Art class put the finishing touches on projects, Kiersten's Vocal Technique class rehearsed their medley and Chris' Playwriting class worked on samples from writing they had done.

Yesterday was also our first full day of GOTCHA! Our annual game of “getting” people with balls of socks is in full fledge. Between classes and meals, no one is free from the excitement and insanity of gotcha. To an outsider, it may be odd to see people chasing one another around camp with socks, but here at Acting Manitou, it’s just another normal day.

After lunch and downtime, we had our fifth day of rehearsal. I can’t believe we’ve already been rehearsing for a week. The shows get tighter and more powerful every single day. There’s nothing better than walking around camp during rehearsal time and seeing everyone hard at work. In one room, a beautiful chorus of voices sings out a song from Pippin while in another, dancing feet work away as they get the steps right to the opening number of Spring Awakening. Across the way, storytelling geniuses prep for Wrinkle in Time and beautiful lines of Shakespeare are flawlessly recited for Merchant of Venice. The dedication and hard work of the campers is contagious and inspiring.

In the evening we finally got to see what everyone was learning and working on in their elective classes. I was absolutely AMAZED by Andrew’s Comedy & Combat class. They all became true fight masters in such a short period of time. It was so entertaining to see each pair of campers show their take on an intense fight scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream.

All in all, it was an exciting, creative, and energetic day here at camp. Once the evening came to a close, campers fell fast asleep in their cabins and recharged for another awesome day.

Signing off,