Blog Post: Monday, August 1st 2016

IMG_0078Hello family, friends, and pets of the Acting Manitou community! We had a great start to the week yesterday, bouncing back from our relaxing Lazy Sunday. We began the day with pancakes and bacon (or veggie sausage!) and then headed into elective classes. The “Power Up” elective—normally led by camp director Steve—went for a run off-campus led by our two Tims, Brownell and Matson. Amanda’s dance elective learned the original Bob Fosse choreography from the number “Glory” in the musical Pippin. Our first round of elective presentations are quickly approaching, so all of the electives are beginning to finalize what they’d like to share with their fellow campers. In addition to their electives, the campers also had another round of production classes. Some of their work was on display at lunch: the costume class shared their costume designs for this session’s shows and the makeup class’s wound makeup was on prominent display as they enjoyed their French onion dip sandwiches and onion rings. Our full day continued in the afternoon with rehearsals all over camp, as per usual. Click3—a devised piece based on The Wizard of Oz—continued to create theatrical moments in the lounge, while Anything Goes took full advantage of an outdoor rehearsal on a cool day and staged the famous title number. For dinner we enjoyed homemade chicken stew over roasted potatoes. Since we didn’t have rehearsals on Lazy Sunday, we maximized our evening time by having some nighttime rehearsals! The cast of Bat Boy was especially lucky to explore their performance space—the small amphitheater—in the dark after the sun had set. It’s going to be a fun and spooky way to end an exciting festival of shows. But that’s far off in the distance; another packed day awaits us tomorrow!