Blog Post: Monday, August 8th 2016

IMG_2700Greetings from Acting Manitou! Yesterday was a beautiful, if chilly morning, in Oakland, Maine, and marked the final normal day of camp before Tech Week. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon and bunk inspection, the campers headed to their last round of warm-ups. After warm-ups, the campers attended their last elective classes of the season. Campers in the “Cooking Class” analyzed the play, Disgraced, while campers in the choreography class finished choreographing their peers in short dance features. After elective classes, the campers had a short period of downtime to relax before lunch. After a fan-favorite lunch of mac & cheese and chicken nuggets, campers had another period of downtime in which they could run lines or simply nap before their afternoon rehearsal period. During rehearsals, casts and crew worked together to prepare for a week of rigorous theatre-making. As campers left their rehearsals a storm rolled through, canceling waterfront. However, the inclement weather couldn’t stop the Zumba crew from dancing up a storm. Other campers played card games or read books in their bunks.

After this extra period of downtime, the campers got ready for Steak Night in the Pavilion. Following dinner was an evening of elective presentations. Throughout the night we rotated between the studios and the large gazebo, finally getting a glimpse at the work campers have been doing the past couple of days. The Alter Egos class held a Q&A session with a wacky cast of characters, the songwriting class presented a variety of beautiful tunes, and the Mindfulness and Meditation class held a brief meditative session. The night was a wonderful celebration of the creative talents found here at Acting Manitou, a celebration that will continue into this coming week of tech.