Blog Post: Monday, July 25th 2016

IMG_8506Hello Acting Manitou Community! After an INCREDIBLE first session of top-notch shows, blossoming friendships, and golden Maine sunsets, camp woke up yesterday morning with the joy of knowing we get to do it all over again!

Intersession and early arrival campers began yester-morn by cleaning the cabins ‘til they sparkled and decorating some fun bunk posters to adorn each bunk’s door (some highlights included a Beyoncé-themed poster and Pinter’s punny “Pinterest” design). As campers began to trickle in, they were greeted with cheers and warm embraces, regardless of whether it was their fifth summer or their first. That’s something that always makes me smile about Manitou – friendships form at the drop of a hat, and hugs are always welcome.

The afternoon was spent unpacking (in some cases unpacking bags that were bigger than the camper themselves) and decorating cabins with fairy lights, photos, tapestries, and collages.

In a miraculous moment of transit magic, the New York bus arrived at 5:15pm (the earliest it’s ever arrived, at least in my memory of camp), and the bus full of campers were of course given a big ‘ole Manitou welcome.

After a dinner of delicious ravioli (my favorites were the butternut squash ones – simply superb), we headed to the theater for orientation! Some highlights of this energy-filled introduction were the staff intro video featuring camp’s “Ball of Joy” (a rubber bouncy ball with a smiley face drawn on it that spreads joy where’er it bounces) and a set of brief introductions to the shows that will be going up this session!

As campers exited the theater, one could overhear the excited murmur of campers new and old as they began to settle in and look forward to what is sure to be three of the most memorable weeks of the year. Get ready folks – it’s gonna be an incredible summer, and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride!

Signing off,

Matt Goldstein (Bunk Counselor in Pinter, Stage Manager for Click3, and Acting Manitou enthusiast)