Blog Post: Saturday, August 6th 2016

IMG_1894Hello Acting Manitou peoples!

The clock is ticking, and campers are appreciating every beautiful moment left here in Maine.

Yesterday we began with a wonderful breakfast consisting of french toast and sausage. It was delicious. We then traveled on to Bunk Inspections and Warmups (Theatre Games, Yoga, and Voice & Body). After that campers went to their now one-day old electives, where some campers wrote songs and some danced wildly. Others mediated peacefully and a few more worked on their alter egos. The rest of the campers analyzed plays with highly important themes and messages! 

For lunch we had a nice and healthy salad with either shrimp or chicken. It was a good counter-balance to our morning breakfast! Afterwards we had some downtime, and moved on to rehearsals. Campers are memorizing all of their lines and blocking, figuring out how to use their new props, and getting used to their performance spaces.

We had a relaxing Waterfront, as always, where campers, counselors, and senior-staff alike read books, practiced lines, got some swim time, and/or competed in our heated Pingpong Tournament! During dinner we had amazing home-made pizza that was loved by all. Bon Appétit!

The moment dinner came to an end, the sun began to set. Gorgeous red and pink lines painted the sky. Something was different though— campers seemed nervous and tension was high. One person made a comment that he couldn’t even cut the tension with a knife. That person was me. The campers then rushed outside and formed a large circle. They chanted names and were laughing wildly. Twelve campers and one counselor entered the arena. In their hands… socks. They were ready for Gotcha Circle. One of them would leave victorious as the Gotcha! Champion of Second Session 2016. They all span around, eyes closed, and were placed in strange parts of the circle. The countdown began. It felt like the Hunger Games, but worse. The competitors opened their eyes, only to find themselves scattered and afraid. The socks began to fly and immediately the only counselor got out. That counselor was me… I’m over it, I swear. After only a few seconds, half of them were gone— only six left. A hush fell over the crowd, and to our surprise, the four boys surrendered. They dropped to their knees and allowed for the two girls to eliminate them. With grace, they lightly tapped each other on the shoulder with their socks. They rigged the system and won… together. THE CO-CHAMPIONS!

Campers then got to partake in a traditional evening activity— CIT Moments. The camp split into six groups led by this session’s CITs. Each group had forty-five minutes to devise a performance piece. Each piece would either embody a message, theme, or story. Once done, campers rotated and watched their friends perform. Each piece was beautiful, mysterious, and similar in a way. While debriefing, many campers agreed that all of their moments shared a message of feminism and female empowerment. To end the night, campers had some time to bond on the hill outside of their cabins. Some laughed, some cried, and others watched the stars. Simultaneously, the girls of Wasserstein enjoyed a well-earned prize of some night pool-time, accompanied by a lifeguard of course!

That’s all from me. Thanks for checking in!

Till next time,