Blog Post: Saturday, July 30th 2016

IMG_9804Good morning Acting Manitou community!

Today was yet another beautiful Manitou day. The campers started their day with a master class taught by our wonderful teaching artists, and then they were off to their third elective class. There are a wide array of elective classes being offered, allowing the campers to experience a variety of activities. In the pavilion A Capella worked on their arrangement of “Love Yourself” and “Show Me Love,” whereas right down the hill Power Up was learning how to do proper kettlebell swings and squats. Our elective periods are a great way for campers to either strengthen a skill they already have, or try out something they never have before.

Despite it only being the third rehearsal, every show is already well underway. Harmonies are being finalized and perfected, dance numbers are coming together, monologues are being memorized, and Click has begun to create the framework of their show! The day culminated in a “Barbarians and Librarians” themed dance. The campers arrived dressed as crazed barbarians or polished and poised librarians. Many campers took a break from the dancing to watch the gorgeous sunset, or to participate in a pop up game of soccer on the great lawn! Of course it wouldn't be a Manitou dance if there wasn't a 10 minute long Hamilton singalong. After the dance ended campers stargazed by the bunks before heading off to bed. It was a wonderful day filled with theatre, art, dancing, and nature!