Blog Post: Sunday, August 7th 2016

IMG_2553Hello friends and family of Acting Manitou! Today we are gearing up for the start of our tech week tomorrow, and there is a buzz of excitement throughout camp. Yesterday was a day filled with tried and true traditions of camp. First of all, it was Lazy Sunday, a crowd favorite. Although, this Sunday was slightly less lazy than last week. We had a rolling breakfast starting slightly later in the morning than usual. Our wonderful directors and teaching artists made delicious omelets  for everyone. Steve made toast. Then everyone went back to the bunks to get ready for production call/memorization time. The rest of the morning was spent in one of two ways: campers had the choice of going to a production call to help the tech team with costumes or sets as we barrel towards tech week, or they could use the time to work on their shows. This could be a variety of things; solo memorization, group "scene work", and even some impromptu rehearsals organized entirely by the campers! Then it was time for the counselors to serve lunch. After everyone enjoyed some wraps, it was time for a little bit more downtime before rehearsal.

Waterfront followed rehearsal as usual and then everyone got ready for dinner. Another camp tradition was last night's dinner: LOBSTER. That's right, anyone who wants lobster, gets a lobster. Seriously, our kitchen staff is INCREDIBLE! Those who decided not to partake in the seafood had a choice between a burger or a veggie burger. Following dinner was yet another tradition: Prom. Acting Manitou holds a prom each session, with the intention of having a prom without all the messiness and stress of prom in real life. Campers can be themselves, dress how they like, go with who they want, and have a blast all while feeling accepted, loved, and validated. This session's prom theme was "RomComProm", and the pavilion was decorated with hearts, flowers, and mini tea light candles. After prom and a little bit of socialization on the hill, it was finally time for everyone to head back to the bunks for bed.

All in all, it was a really great Lazy Sunday here at camp. Hope the real world is treating you all with love and kindness!

-Sam Wheeler (Hot Wheels)