Blog Post: Sunday, July 10th 2016

IMG_9106Hello AM365!!  Yesterday was our first, eagerly awaited Lazy Sunday of the session.  Campers started out the day with an extra hour of sleep followed by a late breakfast of omelets made by their teachers and directors. Soon after breakfast the campers went to classes held by their bunk counselors.  Classes offered yesterday were: LABAN, a study in creating characters through purely physical movement; Dance Platter, a dance class for getting basic technique in an array of dance styles; “What You Where Born to Do: Vocal Vibrations in a Cartoon Playhouse," where campers learned to make cartoon characters and techniques for voicing them; Song & Poetry, a writing workshop for poetry and how it relates to other art forms including songwriting; Weeding, where campers headed over to our two gardens on campus for weeding and planting to fun show tunes and good conversations; and Magical Mystery Faces, where campers used face paint to express different ideas, words, songs, and quotes they heard during the classes.  Each class was offered again in the afternoon, so campers had the chance to try at least two!

After a lunch served by counselors, campers had two hours of Free Play.  This is a time dedicated to memorization, camper-only rehearsals, and blocking practice.  Soon after campers were invited to head into the theater to help paint the sets for their shows!  Following that was the other round of counselor lead workshops until waterfront.  Campers enjoyed a few hours hanging around the bunks playing ping-pong and beanbag toss.  Yesterday was another day of Gotcha!  The cries of triumph were heard all over campus as we come closer and closer to the final players.

Finishing up the day was a wonderful dinner and movie night in the lounge!  All in all, it was a great first Lazy Sunday and another amazing Manitou day!

~Katrina K