Blog Post: Sunday, July 31st 2016

IMG_9952Hello Acting Manitou Community, Yesterday was lazy Sunday and we embraced the word lazy in all forms! We all got to sleep in an extra hour for the morning and go to breakfast in a leisurely fashion. We started our days off eating delicious omelets made by our fabulous senior staff and blasting music in the pavilion.

At 10 o’clock we had our first round of counselor led activities, which included things such as a Les Miserables interpretation video performed in the pool, Power Down (a relaxation session), and Guided Meditative Painting which was held outside in our large gazebo, just to name a few. The same activities took place again at 3 o’clock so the campers got a chance to take a different counselor-led class. Before these, though, we had counselor-served lunch followed by some down time and a production call at 1:30. We had a decent turn out in the theater helping out with costumes and painting sets. Things are coming together and the aesthetics of the shows are really coming to life.

For dinner we had an interesting change of pace with self-serve manicotti; there were two trays of food laid out on each table for campers to serve themselves to give a sort of family-style vibe to the dinner. Following dinner we had a very lazy evening activity to cap off the day: a movie night in the lounge! We watched Matilda, a personal favorite of mine, and it was a huge hit with the campers. Following the movie we had some time to chat on the hill before heading into the bunks for lights out.

Overall it was a great day, and lazy in all the right ways. It was a well deserved day of relaxation to get everyone charged up for the week of rehearsals ahead of us!

Hope the real world is treating you all well,

- Lindsay