Blog Post: Thursday, August 4th 2016

IMG_1340Hello Acting Manitou friends and family, Durang bunk counselor Kyra here, reporting for blog duty!

Yesterday was a beautiful, gorgeous, and sunny day here at camp. The day was off to a fantastic start as we had breakfast sandwiches at our first meal of the day! Then campers energized and prepared for a busy day schedule their usual round of morning warmups: Theatre Games, Yoga, and Voice & Body. Immediately after, they headed to their first round of rehearsals to catch up from the missed rehearsal on trip day.

After a yummy lunch of turkey, ham, and avocado sandwiches, campers had a little bit of down time before heading to their next round of rehearsal. The cast of Anything Goes worked on the intense choreography for the number, “Blow Gabriel Blow.” They’ve got some serious skill and the number is looking totally awesome. Romeo and Juliet held their rehearsal in the theatre. They finished blocking the whole show, worked on some AMAZING fight choreography with Tim, and had the opportunity to run the beautiful masquerade sequence in the performance space for the first time. The cast of Click had an exciting rehearsal as they received their actual scripts for the first time! Because the production is a devised show, they’ve been spending a lot of rehearsal time figuring out what kind of story they want to tell, and how they want to tell it. Now the puzzle pieces are finally coming together, and with their new scripts, they began discussing what they had put together, running lines, and editing and adding scenes. She Loves Me blew the production team away with their designer run, as they showed everything they’ve worked on so far. It’s coming together so well. Lastly, Bat Boy had both their design run and dry tech yesterday. I can’t believe it’s almost tech time!

Then, the evening activity campers have been counting down for, the Enkoodabao festival! Every session, we honor the puddle goddess that lives at the bottom of Pinter Puddle on campus in an evening of campers showcasing their unique talents, skills, and hobbies. The puddle goddess, Enkoodabaoucan only survive on the power of creativity, art, and theatre. Many a song were sung, including “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry and selections from the musical Spring Awakening. One camper even sang their favorite song in a different language, Spanish! Some campers wanted to share the power of knowledge for Enkoodabou. We received a complex lesson in the mathematical infinity theory as one camper gave their very first “Chalk Talk” and one camper taught musical director, Kiersten, how to say and write out her name in Hebrew! One camper on vocal rest decided that they wouldn’t let their lost voice get in the way of a great performance and lead a quirky round of Charades. One of my favorite acts was when a camper applied makeup to another camper, blindly, in just 2 minutes. The results, needless to say, were hilarious. The evening then culminated with a camp-wide dance party on the stage. All in all, I think Enkoodabou was overwhelmingly pleased with the evening.

It was an exciting, supportive, and high-energy day here at camp. Once the festival were over, campers fell fast asleep in their cabins and recharged for another awesome day.

Signing off, Kyra :)