Blog Post: Thursday, July 14th 2016

IMG_0794Hey Acting Manitou community! Yesterday was another beautiful Manitou day! We were all very excited to get back into the swing of things after our trip day, and the warm weather seemed to match our excitement. We had our second class in this week’s elective classes – I’ve been helping out with the Cooking class, taught by Tim and John, and we made all kinds of eggs. We also checked out the chickens in our chicken coop!

In rehearsal, we started preparing to enter the last week before the shows. Some shows had their “designer runs,” in which the cast does as much of a full runthrough as they can for the designers, so our incredibly talented design team can get ready to go into tech and finalize their designs. Our designers, who are all hugely talented professionals in their field, are a wonderful first audience for the casts – it’s so much fun to do your first runthrough of your show for an audience as supportive and enthusiastic as the Acting Manitou designers!

After a much-needed dip in the pool at waterfront and a delicious dinner (haddock!) we had the annual Enkoodabaoo festival (what other camps might call a talent show). We had a huge number of performances – everything from songs to jokes to weird skills to abstract theater pieces. Enkoodabaoo is one of my favorite nights of camp – it’s so cool to see campers showing off talents no one knew they had! I was reminded once again the multiplicity of talents we have here, and how lucky we are that we get to share in each other’s gifts.

See you soon!

Zack E.