Blog Post: Thursday, July 7th

IMG_8247Hello Acting Manitou Community! The campers are continuing to settle into their daily routine, as we approach the end of our first week of camp! The campers continued to rotate through the various master classes offered, giving each camper an opportunity to learn from several of our wonderful directors and teaching artists. They then went to their third day of elective class, where they began to prepare for their first round of elective presentations this coming Saturday. After a delicious taco lunch, the campers attended their third rehearsal, where the shows are already quickly coming together. Campers are flying through dance numbers, memorizing monologues, and mastering harmonies. The Addams Family cast was thrilled to have their first rehearsal with their incredible and talented director, Alex Perez!

What was most memorable about the day was the high energy and camp favorite evening activity, Family Feud. The campers were split into several teams, or “families”, with each family given a specific theme. These families ranged from the “meow­meow” family, the “ahh brains!” family, the “Webber” family (a la Andrew Lloyd Webber), and the “Yo­Ho!” family, a lively pirate family. The pirate family was able to draw upon the characters they created in Kevin Ray’s “Pirates!” mast class, a class about discovering and embodying different pirate personalities. The evening was hosted by the fabulous Shonda and Ronda, played by the ever so talented Michael Kevin Baldwin and Chris Murrah. The families competed to see who could correctly answer the most questions about the senior staff and counselor. Questions ranged from “who is most likely to own camp in the next 10 years” (Zack Elkind), to “most energetic counselor” (Julia Getz), and “most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse” (Steve Borowka). The campers and staff members had a delightful and hilarious time participating in and watching the evening activity, an activity that has now become a camp tradition. The day was filled with learning and playing, and the campers were able to fully embrace this summer's theme of taking joy in all you do. I hope you all were able to have at least one, if not several, moments of joy today! ­