Blog Post: Tuesday, August 2nd 2016

IMG_0423Greetings AM Community! Yesterday was a beautiful day at Acting Manitou with phenomenal elective presentations, productive rehearsals, and even tacos for dinner! Today is trip day and it is surely an exciting reminder that our camp session is well underway and that we are headed toward show day. Rehearsals in the afternoon were especially musical and active as the cast of Romeo and Juliet had the opportunity to work with Amanda and Margie, our wonderful choreographers, and the cast of Anything Goes worked through the show focusing on a few musical selections in the lovely outdoor amphitheater. Bat Boy rehearsals continued with new set pieces and choreography as the cast worked with Steve and Spencer. It is so exciting and impressive to see how far every production has come in just five rehearsals!

In the evening, campers had the chance to share their elective course projects including presentations from a cappella, playwriting, folk songs, dance, improv, and advanced lighting design. It was a great moment for campers to engage with one another and with staff members. Everyone gathered in the large gazebo and travelled around camp to different spaces to watch all of the wonderful performances. Although campers spend much of their time learning lines, dances, and songs for their shows, electives are a fantastic chance to and learn other artistic forms and skills. After elective presentations, it was off to bed to prepare for another thrilling day at Acting Manitou!