Blog Post: Tuesday, August 9th 2016

IMG_3009Good morning, Acting Manitou community! Yesterday was the first day of our three-day “tech week,” in which we finally get to combine the technical elements our staff and tech campers have been working on with the performances our acting campers and directors have created. The days are now split into three rehearsal sections – morning, afternoon, and evening – and each camper is rehearsing or working for two three-hour segments and off (relaxing, chatting, playing games, and enjoying nature) for the third.

To keep us energized and ready for the full week ahead, we enjoyed delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch and chicken and waffles for dinner (followed by Boston cream cakes). After this, campers who were off in the evening had the option of attending an incredible workshop taught by Adam, a visiting teaching artist who was in the Broadway cast of Wicked, in which they learned the choreography to Wicked’s What Is This Feeling.

Campers who were rehearsing and teching in the evening wrapped up at 9:00pm, and everyone was able to catch up outside the bunks, comparing stories from tech and sharing excitement for the days to come.

We’re already 1/3 of the way through tech, and show day approaches rapidly! We can’t wait to see the friends and family who plan to attend!

Yours truly,