Blog Post: Tuesday, July 12th 2016

IMG_9784Hello Acting Manitou friends and family, Wasserstein bunk counselor Kyra here, reporting for blog duty!

Yesterday we enjoyed yet another sunny, beautiful day here at camp. After enjoying another round of Theatre Games, Yoga, and Voice & Body morning warm ups, campers headed to their first round of their new elective classes! These included Improv Comedy with Brock, Writing From History with Benji, Song Analysis with Kiersten, and Meditation & Mindfulness with Anna. In choreographer Amanda’s elective class, Bustin’ Moves, campers worked up a big, energetic sweat. They began class with an intense cardio warm up. Once they got their bodies moving, they bopped to the top for two whole hours and learning a fierce dance to the Justin Bieber song, “Sorry.” Watch out for these dancers, they have Beyoncé levels of skill. Lastly, lighting designer John took a break from the light booth and broke out his chef hat in the cooking elective class. Campers mastered the art of making quesadillas, which they had the option to fill up with peppers, onions, cheese, and chicken. Tim Brownell also made an appearance in the class (with a brief visit from Fenway the dog) and instructed the campers on how to make homemade hummus. Our little chefs were gracious enough to share the healthy snack with the entire camp. It was so exciting to walk into the pavilion at lunch and see a gorgeous spread of the different hummus creations before my eyes. Excuse me for a moment, my mouth is watering just remembering how good it was!

Many will agree, a favorite part of the day was the incredible evening activity, "Animal Farm", a camp-wide, farm themed, game of capture the flag. Counselors headed four fabulous teams of camper-farmers: Green Bean Farm, Blackberry Acres, Red Rooster Ranch, and Bluebell Farm. Various items were hidden around campus, such as seeds, rubber chickens, and eggs from the Golden Goose. Farmers on each team had to find the items and successfully transport them back to their team barns in order to claim them. Some “items” they had to find were actual people, such as the friendly (but feisty) Farmer Jane. Each item had a different point value. The items with the most point value? Old Man Smithers, of course, an expert at tilling the fields, worth 100 points. And the giant rain cloud, too, worth a whopping 150 points. It was truly a sight to see when Farmers spotted the golden goose (Amanda in full bird attire), hiding by perching herself on the roof of the pavilion and doing a festive dance. Farmers were safe within the confines of their farms and barns, but if they did not successfully reach their own barn with their found item, it could be stolen from them or returned to its original owner. Famers were fluttering about the campus, using their problem solving skills to find the hidden items across campus. They had to be careful though, because once they were tagged in another farm, they were sentenced to the Chicken Coop! It was a really close call, but in the end, team Blackberry Acres were victorious and won the game.

All in all, it was an exciting, creative, and energetic day here at camp. Once the games were over, campers fell fast asleep in their cabins and recharged for another awesome day.

Signing off, Kyra