Blog Post: Tuesday, July 5th 2016

IMG_7641Hi Acting Manitou community! Our third full day at camp was yet another exciting and jam-packed day, complete with several firsts! After a delicious pancake breakfast, every camper experienced their “first first” of the day, when they all got to choose which of the three warm-ups (theatre games, body and voice, or yoga) they wanted to do for the rest of the session.

The “second first” came shortly after, when campers completed their first elective classes! For this round of electives, which will last about one week, campers were able to choose from a diverse and exciting assortment of classes – Collaborative Choreography, Found Text, A Cappella, Playwriting, the Magic of the Great Outdoors, and Power Up – which include anything from a trip to a nearby library, to instruction on how to perform the perfect push-up.

The “third first” of the day was perhaps the most exciting part of all – the very first rehearsal! Acting campers split off into their casts and did read-throughs or immediately began to learn songs and dances. Tech campers assigned to shows began to work with directors and stage managers, and tech campers working on sets headed up to the theater to continue work on the incredible and interactive sets that are already well under way!

After a refreshing waterfront and a delicious dinner (with cake – happy birthday to counselor Lindsay!), the entire camp settled down for a relaxing evening activity. We all hauled some blankets and pillows up to the theater, where we watched Wall-E. Many bunks chose to have a slightly earlier lights-out after our exhausting day of firsts, and we got ready to rest up for another day of excitement!

Hope you all in the “real world” had a great day as well!