Blog Post: Wednesday, August 10th 2016

IMG_3387Hello Acting Manitou peoples! Yesterday we began with a traditional bagel breakfast, filled with cream cheese and fun. After that we went on to our second day of tech week! Everyone show is already in amazing shape! Most of the productions got through a full-run, filled with costumes, lights, props, set changes, and full acting, voice, and dance!

During downtime, campers relaxed, practiced scenes together, played some ping-pong, got some sunshine, and even had the option to attend a workshop taught by Adam, a visiting teaching artist who was in the Broadway cast of Wicked. Campers got to learn the choreography to Wicked’s, “What Is This Feeling”. It was very exciting for all.

In this wonderful day, campers also enjoyed a yummy wrap lunch, very sweaty zumba, or cool pool time, and even a pizza dinner! Afterwards, campers got to color in the studios for a very bonding evening activity, and then all campers and staff enjoyed an ice-cream sandwich social! Finally, the CIT’s attended “Round Table,” an event in which the ambitious soon-to-be-seniors get to ask current staff members all about college and pursuing a career in the Arts.

That’s all from me. Thanks for checking in!

Till next time,