Blog Post: Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

IMG_1031Dear Acting Manitou friends, families, pets, etc., Trip day was a huge success! A bagel breakfast was followed by an adventure through our brand new path that leads directly from our campus to the lake and an entire morning spent relaxing by (and in!) the lake at Camp Manitou. We took turns swimming through the refreshing water, playing on several huge, inflatable obstacles floating in the lake, paddling around in kayaks and paddle boards, and simply sitting and chatting in the grass nearby. Tim, John, and [Grillin’] Gillian treated us to some delicious grilled burgers and hot dogs, and to end our time at Manitou, we stopped by their indoor basketball court for our traditional game of Knockout!

After a quick stop at our cabins, we boarded a bus and a van and drove to our next stop – the hike! The weather was perfect for our hour-long walk beside a small lake in Belfast. We spent the last half of the hike in silence so we could observe and fully appreciate the nature around us, and before we knew it, we were back on the road, headed to the shopping area in Belfast. We had over three hours to roam the town in smaller groups, finding and enjoying some local Maine businesses as well as delicious food (and one particularly loved ice cream and candy store). We boarded the bus and van with full hearts and stomachs, partaking in a musical theatre (namely Hamilton) sing-along on the journey back to campus. The day was a hit, and the time off-campus left us rejuvenated and ready to get back into our shows as tech week approaches!

Yours truly, Jacqui (bunk counselor in Chekhov, stage manager for She Loves Me, and nature-walk-lover)