Blog Post: Wednesday, July 27th 2016

IMG_9016Hello Acting Manitou Community! Yesterday we had a very important day here at camp: AUDITION DAY!!! For one day, each camper got a chance to be in all five shows, and by the end of the day each camper was cast in one. In the morning, the campers were split into three groups and rotated between rooms where they each got a chance dance, sing, and perform a monologue for the directors. After a delicious lunch (that included lobster mac n’ cheese) and downtime, the campers were split into five groups and rotated between each show. The show rooms varied depending on what each director wanted to see. Some people read scenes, some read monologues, and some sang. But each camper got to really show their stuff to the director. By pool time each camper had completed eight auditions!

We do have some campers this summer who did not audition for the shows yesterday. These are our tech campers. They spend the morning helping the production team clean and organize the shop and the afternoon was spent at a pool party with the tech campers, production staff, and production counselors!

The evening activity brought a new twist on an old favorite: Surprise Super Prize Surprise REMIX! Same game, new challenges. Each bunk got dressed in costumes centered around a theme. Some bunk themes included the boys of Pinter as the girls of Wasserstein, a bunk of pop stars, tourists, and senior staff members to name a few. The challenges in this game were extra messy. There was shaving cream, jello, lemonade, and watermelon. Energy was high. There was dancing and singing. There were prizes. And there were counselor consequences. I personally got both a whipped cream pie to the head, and a huge bucket of ice water poured over me. The game was a huge success!

Then came what all the campers were waiting for: the announcement of THE CAST LISTS! All five lists were posted on the porches of each bunk during the evening activity and were waiting for the campers upon their arrival. All of the directors, music directors, choreographers, and stage managers were around the bunks so the campers had a chance to talk to their directors about their roles and the shows in general. It was a long, but exciting and eventful day. Today we begin our regular camp schedule that includes the first rehearsals of the session. I can already tell that these shows are going to be truly wonderful!

That’s all for now! Until next time…