Blog Post: Wednesday, July 6th 2016

IMG_7797Hello Acting Manitou Friends and Family, It was another bright and shining day at camp yesterday, and our community was continuously generating positive energy and new ideas.

After breakfast and warmups, our campers went into their second day of elective classes. A few of the campers in the “Magic in the Outdoors” class went on a lovely walk to the lake and took some time to mediate and observe the nature around them which led to a great reflective discussion on empathy. Empathy for the natural environment and the creatures we share it with.  It was a wonderful way for the camper to commune with nature and experience Maine.

After that we started our first production class, where campers had the ability to choose between props, sets, costumes, make up, lighting, and publicity. With just a quick walk through the theater you could hear great discussions from our lighting and set classes while also being able to see campers aging paper in the prop room or other campers aging themselves with some newly learn makeup tricks.

This creativity continued all the way to the evening activity where Acting Manitou hosted its first ever Shark Tank. Each cabin was given the task to create a product and successfully advertise it to a panel of judges. The winners would receive the ability to choose the theme for one of our upcoming dances. There were a lot of great entries but in the end Wasserstein won with their newly invented “Kit 4 Tweenz”. Congratulations Wasserstein!

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