Blog: Saturday, July 16th 2016

IMG_5434After a glorious night of movie-going and Gifford's ice-cream, falling asleep and then waking up can be difficult to say the least. However, despite the vivid and cinematic dreams of waffle cones and creamy goodness that beckoned us back to our slumbers, waking up this morning was less arduous. In fact, it was refreshing. For waking up in Acting Manitou is like waking up in a dream. In case you were wondering, here are some of the the highlights of our dreamy Saturday:

As always, we enjoyed a delicious, fulfilling breakfast, conquered the clutter of our rustic bunks before inspection, and then after coating ourselves with sunscreen, we started our day off with warm-ups. Following warm-ups, the campers headed off to their final elective classes in which they prepared for the elective presentations in the evening. Each class ended on a bang: Tim and Zack's cooking class for example, traveled to Skowhegan, Maine, visiting the local market fair in town followed by a trip to the Maine Grains grist mill. Once they returned and the rest of us closed the book on our session one elective classes, we headed to lunch. At 1:30, rehearsals commenced. The excitement that emanates from each of the rehearsal spaces during this time is unparalleled and magical. The shows are coming along fabulously. And we are anxiously awaiting the challenges and triumphs of tech week. During pool time, semi-finalists in the ping pong tournament went head-to-head, competing for their rightful title. After a hot, and heart-warming dinner of Eggplant Parmesan, the electives presentations began. From Improv Comedy, to Mindfulness and Meditation, to Original Music written from inspiring historical occurrences, and everything in between, the elective performances were tremendous. And after a long week, we all really benefitted from the sharing of art and its healing powers.

And as we meandered back into our bunks to get ready for bed, we recalled the day's events, and reveled in the dream that was today.

- JGetz (First Year Bunk Counselor for Vogel, Stubborn Perfectionist of Blog Writing, and Lover of Synthetic Lemon Flavoring)