Blog: Saturday, July 9th 2016

IMG_8698Hello friends and family of Acting Manitou! Yesterday was a big day on many fronts. Firstly, a hugely anticipated camp tradition began: Gotcha! For those of you new to the games and joys of Acting Manitou, Gotcha is essentially a camp-wide game of tag. The twist is that each person—campers and staff alike—is assigned another person who they have to get. You get someone by tagging them with a balled up sock; if you’ve got a good arm you can hit your target from a distance! We were fueled by breakfast burritos when the game began bright and early this morning and we had Caesar salad to keep us going at lunch. The game continued all throughout the day until we took a pause for a hearty dinner of steak, potatoes, and zucchini. By the end of the first day of Gotcha a whopping 52 people had been eliminated. Good luck to those still in the game! Saturday also brought with it the end of the first round of elective classes. Brock took his Magic of the Great Outdoors class on one final hike and Steve’s Power Up class perfected their pushups and kettle bell swings before the evening’s elective presentations. The presentations are always an exciting opportunity for the campers to get a taste of what their peers have been learning from our wonderful artistic staff. Some of our budding playwrights shared their work from Justin’s class; Amanda’s campers presented dances they had choreographed together; and Benji’s class shared pieces of writing they composed using text they found in books and places around campus. To cap off the night, Kiersten’s a capella class sang two songs that they arranged completely by themselves! Then they brought the night to a close with a bopping rendition of “Happy.” Needless to say, the campers headed to bed feeling similarly. Stay tuned to hear about the continuation of Gotcha and tomorrow’s counselor-led workshops!