Blog: Tuesday, July 19th 2016

IMG_6102Hey Acting Manitou friends and family! Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of the whole session – the first day of tech! Every show started making the final preparations for performances, integrating costumes, sets, sound, and lights. One of my favorite parts of camp is seeing people we’ve seen all summer in shorts and t-shirts suddenly walking around in full costume for Renaissance France, or a graveyard, or the Dust Bowl. This is also the time when our tech campers get to really show off their stuff – they’re integral to every part of the tech process: running spotlights, helping with changeovers, and even calling some of the shows.

Each show spends two rehearsal blocks working on their show, and the third “off,” which means that everyone has some free time to relax – always important when tech is as busy as it is here. Having free time is important to us here, especially since it always makes the performances stronger when the cast is well rested!

After the last rehearsal of the day, all of camp got together for an ice cream social in the pavilion, taking a moment to tell each other about our different experiences in our rehearsals and sharing some ice cream before heading to bed, worn out, happy, and excited for another day of tech!

See you soon,