Blog: Wednesday, July 20th 2016

IMG_6877 Hello Acting Manitou family! Yesterday was our second day of tech rehearsals. As our campers know, this last week of camp brings the challenges and excitement of putting together all of the technical elements of a piece of theater: lights, costumes, sets, sound, hair, makeup, and more! We’ve got three shows in the theater this session – The Addams Family, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Treasure Island – and all three casts had a blast getting to work more in depth with their dynamic sets built by our crew and tech campers. The casts of The Diviners and As You Like It, performing in the big amphitheater and the pavilion, respectively, are seeing their shows spring to life before their very eyes as their costumes transport them to times and places very different from a theater camp in Maine.

Our second day of tech was filled with invigorating work in rehearsals, interspersed with down time as well as bagels for breakfast, sandwiches and wraps for lunch, and pizza (always a crowd favorite) for dinner. Once rehearsals came to a close for the evening, most of the campers headed back to the bunks while the CITs went up to the lounge for a roundtable with our senior staff. What followed was a discussion of all sorts of topics from applying to colleges and life as an artist, to getting headshots and choosing audition monologues. Our CITs are a real rock for our campers and staff; as leaders in our community they are always teaching us about ways to work and live in the theater.

Show day is on the horizon (Saturday!) and we are looking forward to welcoming many of you onto our beautiful campus. Our last tech day is tomorrow, so stay tuned!