Camper Arrival Day

11751305_1589317884665263_933490272_n Hello Everyone!

We are Amanda and Jacob, and we will be running the blog for you this session.

Today is one of the most exciting days of camp; it’s move-in day for second session! Today all of the campers, returning and brand new are arriving at camp and preparing for the wonderful session ahead. Each camper is assigned to a wonderful bunk, all of which are named after a famous playwright, including “Pinter” “Vogel” “Wilder” “Chekhov” and others. While unpacking they will have a chance to meet their bunkmates, with whom they will be living and learning alongside for the next three weeks.

After everyone is settled in and has been greeted, we will have camp orientation, where everyone will get to meet the amazing staff and learn the rules of camp, after which they’ll go off to their bunks to get a good night’s sleep for the long day ahead.

We look forward to keeping you all updating as the session progresses and hope you enjoy every post.

Signing off-

Amanda and Jacob