Double Rehearsals and Puddle Goddesses

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Hello Everyone!

It’s a beautiful Manitou morning and everyone is working hard on their shows as usual.

Yesterday was another double rehearsal day and everyone worked super hard to get more blocking and such done for their shows. It was a long day but everyone had a lot of fun getting to spend more time with their cast.

Last night was our Enkoodabao ceremony (aka our camper talent show) and all of the campers performed various acts to please the goddess that lives in Pinter Puddle. We had everything from singing and dancing to stool tricks and puns. It was a fabulous night and it was so wonderful to see all of the amazing talent that our campers have.

Today we start our second round of electives, so campers will be changing up which elective class they are taking. Then in the afternoon we will have another rehearsal, and tonight we will be taking them out to the movies.

- Amanda